Our souls is constantly seeking opportunities to heal.. and in this way taking you to a path full of signs and messengers. in this sense, I feel gifted to have met Geert whose energy is so vibrant to reach the same tune and guide me during this walk from the outside to the inside that led me to a different awakening and that now, constantly reminds me that I shouldn’t limit myself.
I don’t know why I ended up from the other side of the Netherlands to this experience but I can just feel grateful.
The session was probably one of the most meaningful gifts I gave myself. The main purpose that brought me here was in great part achieved...how I don’t know.. I’m a scientist and many times we look for a methodology to support every process and final goal that allows us to translate this into a complete package but this is not the case.
Certainly, there were changes in me. This awakening was a call to rely on the soulset. This in turns, increases the curiosity of discovering what is in there and how big is this inner potential, that can help healing while defining the reality, the one that is there for me, that I deserve and, that means living in plenitude, gratitude, and moving forward without heavy bags.
I just realized that there is still much more to learn, many fights to face with an open heart and maybe an endless route to walk but I’m more engaged and willing to do so to live in the present doing one step at a time.
Silvia Vega Hernández
PhD, Biotechnologist

Silvia Vega Hernández, (qhht)