Also in English... und auf Deutsch...
While I might be a little bit prejudiced since I have practiced this type of deep-trance hypnosis as well, it is nonetheless an interesting experiment to experience how it works for oneself. So I decided to undergo such a procedure like any other curious person, somehow expecting something on the one hand, somehow skeptical about the possible result on the other hand.
The result was quite astonishing. Not only did I manage – with Geerts help – to reach a trance state which was rather deep. It was also the quality of information coming to us which left both of us puzzled a bit. At times, the information flow happened in such a rapid way that I (or us) had difficulty coping with the sheer amount of knowledge.
It is fair to say that an instantaneous healing such as QHHT is known for did not happen with myself. However, I ascribe this to a somehow stubborn attitude within me, not allowing it enough. While I do not want to raise expectations here I can definitely say that such a healing is possible, and I received the knowledge of when and how such a healing could happen.
In addition to this, I would like to mention that Mr. Droppers has a unique background of doing several training courses for reaching and inducing trance states, either for manifesting events in life or for reaching altered states of consciousness for himself. So he has trained and experienced hypnotic states for himself, and has personal experience under his belt about what he achieves for his clients. This as well makes Mr. Droppers stick out as a primary partner for hypnosis work.
As a final note: Mr. Droppers managed to hold a session in German. So if you come from Germany, you might want to consider to try it out in the Netherlands.
The process works fine in both English and German. Good luck!"

Dr. Claus Wehebrink, Arnsberg (D), (qhht)