(GD: this is a testimonial of a dear colleague that I met, and facilitated a session, during my QHHT Level 2 Course in St Ives, UK)
Dear Geert,
I began QHHT adventure with a hope that Dolores Cannon would be doing sessions privately for the attendants of QHHT course at Stockholm August, 2012. I didn't get the session, I got the Level 1 Course as Facilitator. Since then I've been doing sessions helping others, hoping somebody, sometimes would do it on me!
The session you've done on me few days ago, is over my every expectations, as I already told you. Not only...Taking the part of a client, it helped me to realize the client's position, his worries, uneasiness and expectations when coming to the session.
With your skillful guidance, I came to my past life scenario easily, quickly, and nicely. What I've noticed, though, is, that there is a big difference in quantity of information between what I was watching in front of my eyes, and what I was referring to you, answering your questions.
My way of talking was very slow (unusual for me), not describing you a third of what was really happening. That probably could be, because English is not my mother language, and it brought problems with wording.
I am going to describe to you my past life happenings as I saw them. In this way, it will be the written testimonial for myself, too!
As I was approaching one medieval castle, it seemed to me deserted and in ruins. I felt no signs of life. I had your direction to enter, and I entered it on a cloud through some upper window. There, I heard in my mind that the walls contain information for me. It was nothing written on them, the information should have been inside the stone blocks.
As I was describing to you the way I look like, answering your questions, the castle "got life". It was not anymore deserted, and not even in ruins. It was a living place.
I was locked in a room on some upper floor of the castle, and there were soldiers looking after me in front of the door. As soon as I revived the picture of soldiers, with iron helmets and armour, I began to tremble and I couldn't stop almost all the time I was in that past life. I had a fist in my stomach, and mortal fear was the prevailing emotion.
Always with your questions, I examined the life there. Inside the walls of the castle lived "ordinary" people and I was one of them. I had never seen anybody of the "authorities", or the castle nobility - I did not know who ruled the castle. I was living alone, no family.
Seems that I was living from helping - healing people, not only those around me, but even soldiers (I do not know if I did the same for the authorities). I was not the only one, there were other healers, but they were hiding what they were doing. For me, healing was something absolutely normal, innate, even when I was replacing missing parts of the body. It was shown to me how I renewed the chopped leg to a person. I saw exactly the "technique" how I was healing people - as I was coming down the body scanning it with my sight, the light I was introducing was fixing everything bad, broken, ill, infected... I didn't have any need to "know" what was a problem or have diagnosis of the disease.
I was not able to transfer that knowledge to anybody, it was given to me from my Presence I saw, when you made me meet Him. The ordinary people accepted these my abilities, and with them I had no problems, on the contrary.
I was imprisoned up there in the castle, because the authorities accused me of witchcraft. They could not explain what and how I was doing what I was doing, and were afraid of me. They were taking me outside the prison room only to torture me, and that was the reason I was afraid to death every time I heard the sound of the soldier's feet against the floor coming closer, approaching the room I was closed in. I looked terribly, just as a witch, my face distorted with pain, enormous eye bags and my long hair (half dark half gray) was frighteningly messy. They executed me at the end, as I was told, but I haven't seen how.
I draw very significant parallel between this past, and my present life. It helped me to solve a big problem.
The Presence that you brought me up to see, is the same one I meet (and I met previously in this session) when I'm going downroad at my place of rest. While I was describing Him/It to you, He was moving all the time - around me, in front of me, at the back, going through me. Saying that He is me and I am Him, we are One and the same, He was my father, mother, everything else mine, He is here and everywhere. He refused calling Him Angel, Subconscious or any name at all, saying that naming is not necessary or appropriate.
Have you noticed that, the day after, at the Course, Peter (he did a session of his own) said the same thing - that They told to him "No Labeling!"
Talking about SC part, there was another synchronicity with the Course. My Presence/SC/HS told me that I had to lift the veil to be in direct contact with Him, but I was not told the way how, because I had to wait the right time to do so.
Julia (Cannon, GD) said exactly the same the day after this session - that the veil has to be lifted and that is the matter of timing!
The session had a great impact on me! I was literally floating for three days. Today, the fourth day, I feel that I am somehow "landing" down. I wrote to you how I was going back and forth with the train, and then missed the bus direction. I didn't tell you, though, that yesterday, I couldn't find the herbalist's shop I go to for years and, in "normal" condition, I can find it with closed eyes. I was going up and down, missing the entrance several times! LOL!
When I connect my missing the directions, with recent pains within the joints at the left side of my body, it is not hard to conclude that I have to correct my habits/mind patterns from previous part of my life. And this is not the only realization I've got! I am getting the signs in numbers all the time, ever since I came to St Ives, and entered my hotel room! Only, I hadn't been able to "read" it before I did the session with you. It is like somebody has put the disc with instructions into my mind, and I am uploading it, now, for days.
Who knows what's coming next?!
But, as my Presence/SC/HS (or Whoever) instructed me, I have the best intention to ENJOY MY LIFE!
Thank you, Geert, from the bottom of my heart!
(A week later…)
Dear Geert,
my peculiar experience finished yesterday evening!
All these days after my session, I was literary bombarded with information, with such speed I cannot explain to you! The numbers were checking points to keep me awake and alert! The explanation of three involved numbers were the guide marks of what was all about.
Yesterday evening I've got three mails, one after another. When I opened the third, I knew I was safely home! Everything, every single detail matched into it. The result was in front of my nose all the time!
Who knows why we need so much, to arrive to otherwise evident conclusion?!
I've slept as a baby tonight.
Today I feel infinite peacefulness.
And I want to enjoy it for another while, before I start my life's journey.
With Love always…

Vesna (Croatia), (qhht)