QHHT & Explore sessions
While reading an article on-line, the term QHHT was drawing my attention and inspired me to research further on it. The website of Geert answered many of my questions and gave a good feeling to contact him. During a friendly conversation over the phone it became crystal clear that Geert is a very passionate professional, and kind human being, very willing to help others with his skills and talents.
During a personal meeting shortly after, Geert carefully explained about what he offers and the way he works. I was very impressed by many positive examples of what others had previously experienced through his work. I booked a session of several days, to experience a QHHT-session and Explore sessions (including bending spoons.. :)), while staying in a lovely bed&breakfast close by which made the whole experience a very relaxing mini retreat.
Maybe because I had been so impressed by Geert's examples, I had quite some wishes/expectations the day I went to him for the QHHT-session.
During and after the session I was very aware of this, which made it more difficult to fully surrender to the process. We even had to abort the session a little bit early.
The Explore sessions were great, with help of Hemi-Sync music Geert guides you through different levels of consciousness and through the process of physically bending real spoons and forks (see picture): Amazing!!

Bending cutlery ©R@E
At the end of this mini retreat, Geert offered to repeat the QHHT-session as I did not completely feel happy with the level of surrendering I had reached.
Humble and grateful for Geerts offer, I came back a few weeks later.
In the meantime, I had listened to the recordings of my first QHHT-session at home and had relived some of the shifting in feelings and emotions that had taken place that first day. This proved to me that Geerts work definitely goes beyond a sceptic mind.
During the second session I was already familiar with the process and managed to surrender more. I came with no (or at least less;)) expectations which helped me a lot.
What I experienced is that it is best to have an open mind for any possible outcome, while keeping oneself from having any expectations (which honestly still is quite a balancing act for me...)
Dear Geert,
Thank you again for a wonderful experience and amazing help and support..

R. te E., (qhht, explore, hemi-sync, metafysisch, overigen)